Department of Computational and Systems Biology,
John Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park,
Colney, Norwich, NR4 7UH, UK.

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Current staff and students

Title Name Email Project
Group Leader Dr Jo Dicks ALL
Post-doctoral Researcher Dr Jitender Cheema Grain Legumes, MONOGRAM
Post-doctoral Researcher Dr Rob Davey MPP, ComparaGRID, pSNPs
Post-doctoral Researcher Dr Graham Etherington RAT, GERMINATE
PhD Student Claire West GERMINATE, pSNPs


Title Name Email Project
PhD Student Martin Lott GERMINATE
Post-doctoral Researcher Dr Luzie Wingen
Title Name Email Project
MSc Student Dr Paul Bailey TF Function Finder
Researcher Virginia Barnard UK CropNet, GENE-MINE, GERMINATE, Grain Legumes
PhD Student Dr Jenn Conn Genome Explorer, mswordtree
Researcher Matthew Couchman matthew.couchman
UK CropNet
Post-doctoral Researcher Dr Guy Davenport UK CropNet, GENE-MINE, GERMINATE
MSc Student Jeremy Dickson UK CropNet
Researcher Samantha Eyers UK CropNet
MSc Student/Researcher Jonathan Hinton TEHunt, GENE-MINE
PhD Student (associated) Maria Koutsikou CHROMTREE
Sainsbury Undergraduate Student Erika Kuchen CHROMTREE
PhD Student(rotation project) Lora Mak TEHunt
MSc Student Sami Mandeel Transcription factor database
MSc Student Pierre Morlon GENE-MINE
Researcher Andrew O'Malia UK CropNet
MSc Student Moira Priestly UK CropNet
PhD Student Dr George Savva CHROMTREE, CGHdist, newicktree
PhD Student(associated) Dr Jan-Jaap Wesselink Data mining for emerging microbial threats
MSc Student Dr Leo Zeef Microsatellite database

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