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Downloads and Help Pages

Last MPP Update = 28.12.06

Version 2 of MPP is now available! Please find the new source code and executable downloads below.

MPP help

Link to the most recent help files and javadocs for MPP online.

MPP Prerequisites

Microarray analysis

MPP relies on some existing software, and installation notes are included as part of the MPP help files. These files are included in the MPP distribution and source code downloads, the .tarballs containing *nix packages, the zips containing Windows packages. Here is a list of links to the relevant software that MPP needs preinstalled for it to function properly:

Phylogenetic analysis

We suggest using the SplitsTree package to construct and draw trees and networks. SplitsTree 4, also known as JSplits, is a Java implementation of the previous SplitsTree incarnations, which is available as a beta version here.

You can also read about the required software for MPP in the help pages.

MPP downloads

The latest MPP release version is 2.0. There is work pending on this release, but the main functionality of MPP is available. The tarballs are for *nix systems, and the .zip are for Windows but they contain the same files. Version 1.0 is now no longer available.

Installation instructions can be found in the online help, or in the local version packaged with MPP.

The full MPP distribution files, containing the MPP jar binary executable, source code, the help files, javadocs and required libraries.

File Name File Size

The full MPP source code, including the relevant build scripts and dependencies for Windows and *nix.

File Name File Size

The most recent javadocs only.

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Third-party plugins

There are no third-party plugin modules available for MPP as yet.

Publications relating to MPP

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