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The existence of large amounts of genomic information from many species on different databases means that sophisticated tools are required to retrieve the information important to a user and to display it a coherent manner. Furthermore, since information about one species can be used to aid research on closely related species there is great need for tools to be able to perform complex comparative queries. For example, the conserved gene order found in some cereals may be exploited to locate homologous genes in related species. ARCADE is a software tool for carrying out such comparative queries across many different sources and to display the results of these queries in a suitable coherent format.

ARCADE is currently only available as an unsupported beta release. Read the installation notes for instructions of how to set up ARCADE to work on your computer.

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DEVELOPER - Matt Couchman

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Version 0.1 Beta release arcade_v0.1.jar

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Functional Specifications .pdf file

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