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CHROMTREE is a software package for the phylogenetic analysis of gene content and order data. The primary goal in the development of CHROMTREE has been to establish a statistical framework for the study of chromosomal evolution. CHROMTREE is being developed at the John Innes Centre, an institute specialising in plant and microbial research. The authors are particularly interested in being able to analyse chromosomal evolution in crop plants. However, CHROMTREE can be used to analyse data from many different species.

The original version of CHROMTREE was developed in the C programming language. Due to time constraints, this version has not been made available for some time as it was not robust enough for general consumption. However, a new version of CHROMTREE has been developed by George Savva in the C# programming language. This version (which largely supercedes the original), and includes the code for CGHdist, will become available as soon as possible.

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DEVELOPERS - Jo Dicks & George Savva

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CHROMTREE was developed at the University of Oxford and the John Innes Centre

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